ORTHODONTICS is the process of straightening teeth with the help of an appliance ( wires etc). Any child or adult might require orthodontic treatment who has teeth that are:

Crooked, Alignment and Spacing, Protruding, Irregular With gaps in between the wrong bite.

An orthodontic treatment involves putting a wire/brackets on your teeth and regular visits (once a month mostly) for tightening/changing the wire. Each sitting takes only 10-15 minutes.

Treatment time depends on Severity of Problem, Age of patient, Regularity of visits, Type of bone/pace of movement of teeth, The inclusion of chin caps/headgear or any my functional appliance treatment prior to braces, Teeth stuck deep in the jaw.

Therefore treatment time can vary between 1-3 years. On an average it takes about 16-18 MONTHS (1-1.5 years)

For the most part there is no pain or discomfort. However for a couple of days after the wire is tightened, you may experience mild to moderate discomfort easily borne or corrected with a mild painkiller.

Sometimes only a single tooth may be the problem and you can choose to forgo orthodontics and consider aesthetic dentistry/smile designing with ceramics ( veneers etc).Also certain jaw malformations can only be treated by surgery. However your dentist will inform you if you fall into these categories.

Yes. The very basic kind is metal and ceramic braces. The metal ones are the typical and most common type seen. The ceramic braces are tooth colored. Hence it is less obvious that you are undergoing treatment. Another kind is Lingual braces – The brackets are applied on the teeth from the tongue side – hence cannot be seen at all when you smile. The last kind is the one which is gaining popularity – MISALIGNED or CLEAR ALIGNER. Your treatment time and expenses will differ from the type of treatment you opt for.

Regular and proper brushing of teeth TWICE DAILY is a MUST to avoid cavities and gum disease.
Very sticky foods like chikki/Eclairs etc are to be avoided.

Foods like corn on the cob (Bhutta), popcorn, hard nuts/fruits, paani puri, non- veg on the bone etc are to be avoided.

Regular checkups and scaling if required are a must.